Welcome to The Foundry Website!

The Foundry is the Old Forge School District Education Foundation that will supplement the district budget and allow the district to expand it’s offerings for our students in the Old Forge School District. Top-rated technology, cutting-edge equipment, expanded programs and flexible facilities are a few examples of those expanded offerings. The Foundry was created to work alongside Old Forge School District while remaining completely independent and not controlled by the school board, administration or the teachers.

Commonwealth Charitable Management has established a working relationship with the Old Forge School District, whereby Commonwealth Charitable Management will accept money from individuals and organizations to create endowments, special project funds, Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program funds (EITC) and Educational Improvement Organizations (EIO) that will benefit our school district and our students.

A perpetual endowment fund will be managed by Commonwealth Charitable Management. Each year, a percentage of the fund will be granted, as directed by the Advisory Council. The Council will perform an annual needs assessment to determine the outstanding needs of the district. A special projects fund will allow donors to direct tax-deductible donations to a specific project. Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) and Educational Improvement Organizations (EIO) will allow businesses to support a wide variety of programming and improvements for as little as 6 to 7 cents on the dollar.

To Make A Donation

Donations can be sent to the following address:

The Foundy 300 Marion Street Old Forge, PA 18518

Checks should be made out to The Foundry

You can also choose to make a monthly direct deposit by filling out the form below and sending to the address above with a voided check.

Foundry Direct Deposit Form Download Link

Foundry Advisory Council

The Foundry Advisory Council Members

Noah Katz, ’00 – Chairman

Alison Woody, ’04 – Vice Chairwoman

Megan Sallavanti DiBileo, ‘ 04 – Secretary

Mark Palma, ’92 – Treasurer

Rick Notari, ’89 – Director of Public Relations and Social Media

Kiel Eigen, ’11

Nick Parise, ’00

Gretchen Greco Holland, ’02

Ryan McBride, ’00