S.A.P Student Referral Form Link

S.A.P. stands for Student Assistance Program. The S.A.P. program at Old Forge is a team of school and community agency staff that is here to help students deal with problems that are stopping them from doing well in and out of school.

What are some reasons why a student is referred to S.A.P.?

  • Problems keeping up grades.
  • No longer feel like hanging out with friends and family.
  • Not getting along with others.
  • Being bullied or harassed.
  • Experimenting with or using alcohol or other drugs.
  • Adjusting to a new school.
  • Close to someone or have a family member serving in the military.
  • Have thoughts of hurting themselves or others.
  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Always worrying
  • Thoughts of suicide.
  • Dealing with a breakup.
  • Being hurt physically or emotionally by someone.
  • Divorce of parents.
  • Recent death of a loved one.
  • Illness of a loved one.
  • Changing friends.

How can I refer a student?

  • E-mail the S.A.P. team at [email protected].
  • Leave a voicemail at (570) 457-6721 ext. 116.
  • Completing the on-line form at https://goo.gl/forms/OhSw9UMKBQfY6IEs1
  • Drop a note in the S.A.P. box located between the water fountain and soda machine outside of the high school cafeteria or the S.A.P. box located outside the S.A.P. room on the second floor of the high school.

S.A.P. Team Members

  • Mrs. Wendy Cummings- Team Coordinator
  • Mrs. Melissa St. Ledger- School Psychologist
  • Mrs. Megan Hazzouri
  • Mrs. Jennifer Churla
  • Mr. Shawn Nee – Guidance Counselor
  • Ms. Diana Morris – Nurse
  • Mr. Christopher Gatto
  • Mrs. Adrianna Rupprecht
  • Mrs. Kerry Gregory
  • Liason from Lackawanna County Drug and Alcohol Task Force
  • Liason from Scranton Counseling Center