October 2, 2018

OFSD Focuses on School Safety:

You may recall back in February, 2018 a school tragedy occurred in Florida resulting in a nationwide School Safety response.  The Old Forge School District has taken a more forward position on school safety.  There were several School Board Facility Meetings held focusing on School Safety (i.e. February 26, April 18, and July 10).  Following these safety meetings the Old Forge School District has done the following:

  • Conducted Safety Evaluations of the School District;
  • Welcomed to our school day an Old Forge Police Presence;
  • Made our schools available for walkthroughs with local law enforcement (i.e. Pennsylvania State Police, Moosic Police, and Taylor Police);
  • Visited area school districts to learn about their school safety measures;
  • Hardened our points of entries and exits of the buildings;
  • Met with the Pennsylvania Attorney General on School Safety initiatives;
  • Applied for Safety School Grants and under Act 44 to obtain staff development on Restorative Practices (iirp.edu), and to open a Mental Health Clinic at OFSD;
  • Obtained a school visitor management system (Raptor) to screen and organize school visitors;
  • Taken Staff Development time to In-service our teachers and support staff in the “Stop the Bleed” program and engaging in safety exercises to test the response of our school district faculty and law enforcement.

Our focus on School Safety is ongoing for our teachers and staff.   Altogether, the Old Forge Board of Education, Administration, Faculty, and Support Staff will continue our efforts in making the Old Forge School District safer than it has ever been before.



Mr. John Rushefski