The Old Forge School District has begun its Comprehensive Planning Process. This process includes parents, students, administrators, Board of Education members, and community leaders in planning for the future of our district. This Comprehensive Planning process will conclude with a plan that will enable the Old Forge School District to focus its vision and priorities in response to a changing environment and ensure that members of our organization are working toward the same goals.

Subcommittee pages (i.e. Elementary & Jr-Sr High School) can be accessed through the banner on the left of this page. There you will see specific information pertaining to those subcommittees.

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The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee
District Administrative Staff Committee Members
Chris Gatto, HS Principal
Shelly Egan, ES Principal
Brian Rinaldi, Business Manager
Michelle Hopkins, Special Education Supervisor
JP Gutowski, Maintenance Supervisor

Board of Education Committee Members
Brian Guida, Megan McCabe, & Alisha Hudak

Teachering Staff Committee Members
Chris Guida, Counselor
Patricia Warunek, K-Grade 4
Linda Nealon, K-Grade 4
Aimee Thomas, Grades 5-8
Arianne Addesa, Grades 5-8
Lea Garcia, Grades 9-12
Wendy Cummings, Grades 9-12

Instructional Aide Committee Member
Kerryn Broxmeier
Christine Iacavazzi

Old Forge Borough Council Committee Member
Rick Notari

Old Forge Community Committee Members
Tiffany Lombardo, OFES PTO, Parent and Business Owner
Sue Pfeiffer, OFJSHS PTSA
Kathy Stocki, Former Board Member
Carolyn DeMarco, Parent and Educator at Lackawanna College
Anne McDonnell, Parent and Business Owner
Rob McDonnell, Parent
Diane Zabowski, Community Member
David Brace, Parent
Julie Bialkowski, Parent and Educator

Student Committee Members
Anna Kuckla
Casandra Nocera

Meetings Held

February 6, 2019; February 27, 2019, March 6, 2019, March 27, 2019, April 24, 2019

Upcoming Meetings

To Be Announced.