On this page you can access the Board of Education approved evaluations of current Superintendent, Mr. John Rushefski.  The download links to each evaluation are listed below.

2015 – 2016 Superintendent Evaluation

2017 – 2018 Superintendent Evaluation

Board Evaluation Rushefski 2017 2018

July 1, 2018—June 30, 2019

Student Growth and Achievement

1. Superintendent appropriately monitors and analyzes student achievement on identified standardized assessments (i.e.: SAT/ACT, AP, Keystone Exams, PSSA, DIBELS) and has actively developed successful strategies for improvement.

Organizational Leadership

2. Superintendent effectively works with the board to develop and monitor district policy and administrative regulations related to Organizational Leadership. Ensures priorities and initiatives are in alignment with a clearly defined and well-articulated vision for the district.

District Operations and Financial Management

3. Superintendent effectively works with the board and business manager to develop and monitor district policy, procedures, and administrative regulations related to District Operations and Financial Management.

4. Superintendent works with the board and district business manager to successfully accomplish financial and budgetary priorities including meeting all timelines associated with the annual budget in an effort to make fund balance improvements.

Communication and Community Relations

5. Superintendent communicates effectively with the board and coordinates the flow of information from administrators to board committees and the greater Old Forge community, media in a manner consistent with promoting a positive image of the school district.

Human Resource Management

6. Superintendent appropriately manages district staff, assigning functions, delegating effectively, and determining accountability as necessary. Ensures timely completion of all district wide staff evaluations.


7. Superintendent provides administration, teachers and staff with opportunities to develop professionally in content consistent with their area of assignment that is connected to PDE requirements and/or standards and practice.