Pearson AimsWeb Data Breach Information

The Old Forge School District uses an on-line assessment tool developed by Pearson Clinical Assessment to establish instructional baselines in Reading and Math and to measure individual student progress for certain students whose Individualized Education Programs (“IEPs”) include goals addressing these areas. That program is marketed as Aimsweb 1.0.

We recently received a notice from Pearson advising us of a data breach in the Aimsweb program resulting in the possible disclosure of the first and last names of assessed students. Although the breach also allowed access to other types of information, such as dates of birth and addresses, we do not supply that information to Pearson in our use of this assessment tool. Below are links to a letter detailing the data breach from Pearson, and a letter for identify protection to those students and staff affected.

All students and staff whose information was breached will receive a letter from the district. If you have questions of concerns, please contact the Office of Special Education at 570-457-6721 Ex. 136.

Copy of the Above Notice in PDF Download Link

Letter from Pearson Regarding the Data Breach Download Link

Pearson Identity Protection Signup Instructions Download Link